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Product Description

The multipurpose antifriction non EP greases NISOTEC GREASE LI are based on Li-12-hydroxy-stearate soap and with the addition of additives to impart very good water resistance, oxidation stability and protection from rust, corrosion and wear for the lubricated parts. Available in three NLGI grades: NISOTEC GREASE LI -0, LI-1,LI-2, LI-3. NISOTEC GREASE LI are recommended for universal lubrication of industrial machines and equipment operated under medium loads and adverse environment including long-term medium speeds, high humidity and wide temperature range from -30°C to +100°C. NISOTEC GREACE LI-0 is recommended for centralise lubrication systems.

Perfomance LevelsISO 6743/9, ISO-L-XCВHA-0, ISO-L-XCCHA - 1 , 2, 3, DIN 51502 - G 0 G-30; K 1(2/3) K-30
Package Type0.4kg, 0.8kg, 4kg, 20kg, 180kg
DatasheetNISOTEC GREASE LI-0, LI-1, LI-2, LI-3.pdf
NLGI gradeLI-0LI-1LI-2LI-3
Visual appearanceYellow brownYellow brownYellow brownYellow brown
Penetration at 25°C, 0.1mm370325280240
Dropping point, °C170188194201
Weld point, N2000200020002000