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NISOTEC KALOL 22, 32, 68

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Product Description

NISOTEC KALOL is premium quality quenching oil. Products are specially formulated to provide good cooling and eliminate the problem of hairline cracking and warping. Products are economical, with a long service life due to low evaporation and resistance to ageing. They are recommended for all types of hardening steel, steel ball bearings, Mn-Si steels for springs, alloy steel and etc. Optimum results are achieved for KALOL 22 with the cooling temperatures of 30-50 °C. Optimum results are achieved for KALOL 32 with the cooling temperatures of 40-70°C. Optimum results are achieved for KALOL 68 with cooling temperatures of 50-100°C. For use in systems with indirect cooling for hardening steel 1KG of used oil around 7L KALOL 32.

Perfomance LevelsSRPS ISO 6743-14 (L-U)
Package Type10L, 180kg
Datasheet NISOTEC KALOL 22, 32, 68.pdf
ISO gradeVG22VG32VG68
Density at 15°C, g/cm30.8750.8780.888
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s223268
Flash point, °C200210215