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NISOTEC REZOL N15, N22, N32, N42

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Product Description

NISOTEC REZOL N is a new generation of inactive, mineral base metal cutting oil. It does not contain chlorinated paraffin. REZOL N are used for cooling and lubrication in the processing cutting of steel, cast iron, light and non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Their specific use is determined by viscosity grades and strictly controlled composition depending on the type of processing, the desired weight and fineness of the operation processing. REZOL N15 is used primarily for the operation of the internal and external broaching light and non-ferrous metals. REZOL N22 and N32 are multi-purpose oil. Can be used as general lubricating fluids for automatic machine tools.

Perfomance LevelsSRPS ISO 6743/7 (L-MHE)
Package Type10L, 180kg
Datasheet NISOTEC REZOL N15, N22, N32, N42.pdf
ISO gradeVG15VG22VG32VG42
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s15223242
Cupper corrosion, class1111
Anticorrosion protection abilityWithout corrosionWithout corrosionWithout corrosionWithout corrosion