Welding machines service

ELEKTROMIHANIKI GAS SA is among the very few companies, which can provide you with a sufficient and reliable service for welding and cutting machines, regardless of its brand name or model type.

Having expertise and fully trained group of Certified Electronics graduates of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Technological Educational Institute, we can offer you highly competitive offers, concerning the repair of your machinery.

Having many years of experience as well as an expertise knowledge on well-known machinery, such as ESAB, MILLER, FRONIUS, KEMPPI, CEBORA, LINCOLN, CEMONT, TELWIN, ELMIG ELWERD, we can offer you a reliable solution to any mechanical problems that your company may encounter at a low cost.

In addition, our highly qualified team of technicians offers you a guarantee for the purchase of our products, ELMIG, ELWELD, ELTIG, ELWELD ECO, ELWELD PROFESSIONAL.


Make sure to ask for a confirmation note for the repair or proper functioning of your machinery which is provided so that you are aware of the service team quality.
Meeting our team of technicians will give you answers to any questions that you may have.

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