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Breathing Protection System

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Product Description

The optrel swiss air is ideally suited for use in welding and cutting operations in polluted and toxic environments. The optrel swiss air half-mask gives you all the freedom you need. Whatever you’re up to. Flexible to use and completely independent of the helmet system used.

The optrel swiss air can be used completely autonomously, allowing maximum versatility in combination with the appropriate manufacturer-independent work protection.

It can be used independently of the helmet or other equipment and is therefore the most versatile optrel respiratory protection system available.

Fields of application

  • MIG-TIG-MMA Welding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Demolition / Construction / Waste Disposal / Recycling
  • Respiratory protection for railway work
  • Grinding / Metalworking
  • Food industry / laboratory applications
  • Viticulture / Agriculture
  • Woodworking / Industrial applications


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